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Welcome to our website, we are the No1 Bath Refinishers in the

Northwest. Our prices reflect the quality of work carried out on

Baths. We travel to you and Re-Enamel your bath in situ, plumbed

in,on some occasions we have to remove the waste before

the Resurface. We do, Bath Resurfacing, Bath Refinishing,

Bath Re-enamelling, Cast Iron Bath Enamelling, Roll Top Bath

Restoration & Enamel Bath Resurfacing. 

We are based in St Helens,Merseyside, and wirral, and have over 28 years experience RESURFACING CAST IRON BATHS, we have personally resurfaced over 28 years an estimated 8500 baths.

A resurfaced bath done by us if looked after can last over 15 years or even more,

we dont just do your bath, we make sure we resurface so it lasts, most jobs take around

6 to 7 hours.

We will resurface your bath to the highest standard possible,

and ensure all bathroom surfaces are protected. Most jobs are

complete in 1 day, and bath is usable in most cases after 48 hours.

We cover Northwest England, up to the LAKE DISTRICT, we also

cover North Wales, Conwy Bangor, Caernarfon, Snowdonia,

Oswestry, Wrexham, Cheshire, Stoke on Trent and more areas.

CLICK THE LINK to our Facebook page below to see more before


to 07582009021 and Book in to get that Long lasting Glass finish.

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